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  • Do you provide repair estimates?
    Yes, we can provide you with an estimate based on the information you provide us about your device. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to request an estimate before shipping their equipment. Once we receive the equipment, it is our responsibility to work on it as soon as possible and we assume you have already received a quote. Do not hesitate to contact us to request an estimate for the repair of your device. Also, keep in mind that the estimates are indicative, based on the information we receive about your device. It can be more or less depending on the damage.
  • What is the repair turnaround time?
    May vary depending on the nature of the repair, availability of parts, and workload of the repair shop or technician. Some repairs can be completed in a few hours or a day, while others may take longer. It is best to ask the repair shop or technician for an estimated turnaround time for your specific repair. They should be able to give you a more accurate estimate based on the specific repair that needs to be done.
  • Do you provide any warranty on repairs?
    Yes, all repairs are covered by a 90 day warranty if your device has the same problem you sent it in for. In this case, the customer is only responsible for shipping and we will re-diagnose and re-attempt to repair at no additional charge.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    There are several payment methods you can use to pay for repairs. Some common methods include: - Credit and debit cards - QR Invoice payment by bank transfer - Cash
  • Do you keep my credit card information?
    We do not see or store credit card information. We use a third-party payment processor that specializes in credit card security.
  • Is my personal information private?
    Sometimes we ask clients for personal information such as name, email address or phone number. By providing your details, you simply help us find you in our system, provide technical support and answer your questions. will take all appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. We do not sell, rent or provide personal information to other companies. All information sent through our site is encrypted and sent to us via a 128-bit secure socket layer SSL.
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